Robyn Branch, Associate A.S.I.D.

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Growing up in North Carolina, surrounded by the furniture industry, Robyn Branch always loved the High Point International Market.  Attending from age 5 with her family who operated a successful furniture store, she learned the business.  Employed early on to stage model homes, she began her journey.  Robyn’s background in theater and dance created a logical path for entering the world of design.  From costume and set design to fashion and merchandising, she has been involved with trends and interiors her entire life.  Robyn is an associate ASID member of the Florida North Chapter and multiple design awards winner.  She is the Chapters Government Affairs Chair for Florida North ASID and a CAPS Certified Aging in Place Specialist.

Among Robyn’s strengths is her ability to see what can be while helping her clients achieve the ultimate possibility for their homes in any geographical setting.  Listening, gently guiding and genuinely caring are her tools of the trade.  She has won an award for historic preservation and been published many times.  Robyn’s numerous long-term national and international relationships and resources combined with her experienced staff provide an exact formula for a perfect outcome.  Robyn loves collaborating with other designers and such esteemed companies as Kindel more than any other aspect of her career.  She learns every day and is honored to be part of the Designer Artist Series and ASID.




Ellen Lupone

Ellen graduated from Vanderbilt University with a degree in Fine Arts. She studied architecture and worked at the Atlanta Decorative Arts Center for several years. Ellen has brought her amazing talents in design services to Amelia Island including but not limited to sourcing, processing, photography and installations for over 9 years. 

Robin Whitfield

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Robin Whitfield studied communications in Portland, OR and is a realtor with Century 21 here on Amelia Island.  Aside from her extraordinary talent in floral design, Robin oversees the financial organization keeping everyone on track and the wheels running smoothly.  Robin is the glue that holds us together, we would be lost without her.