Timeless Creations by Tania

As a National/International artist & specialty finisher, I've had the pleasure of working with countless designers over a 20 year span...Robyn Branch is Top Notch!  Her distinctive, knowledgeable and innovative approach to design with each project is truly customized to that client and not "Cookie-Cutter", thus creating and end result that leaves you excited to live, work or welcome others into your face-lifted environments.  Robyn is refreshingly approachable and that shinning light in the dark that will show you the way to your perfect interior dream-come-true! It's a true pleasure to be part of her Dream Team!

Gary Routman

Robyn has a broad prospective and can create a room to suit anyone's taste.  She can go Mid-Century or Classic...from Modern to Transitional to Eclectic.   Robyn has a relationship with every vendor out there and nobody shops lines like she does.  If something is new and different in the market, she finds it first.  In the end, her designs look unique, rich, and inventive.  In a business of copy-cats and ho-hum creativity, she is a one-of-kind designer.


I'm still marveling at the beautiful home you have created for me!  My doctor has your name and address and plans to refer you any time she has a chance.  I'm finding things you did that are so perfect and unexpected!  My den is one example out of many more. 

Thank you, 😊


Not sure I can properly express my thanks for all you did for me - but I will certainly try.
Your expert design skills, genuine kindness and caring and your willingness to go above and beyond gave me a home that has gone far beyond my expectations.

Your expert design skills constantly amaze me.  You took my desultory thoughts, dissected them, discarded the bad stuff, kept the infinitesimal good stuff, then went into your seemingly innate and fabulous ability to design, and created the home of my dreams.  You instantaneously resolved all my spur of the moment questions as if you had been focusing on the issues for some time.  Your eye for detail is awe inspiring - everything you do works.   Your expert design skills are flawless.

Your genuine kindness and caring astound me.   There has not been one moment when I did not feel like I was your only client.   You have been available day and night, 24/7/365.  You have responded to my emails and phone calls instantaneously and welcomed me during my surprise visits.

Your willingness to go above and beyond astonish me.  There was not one problem within or outside of design that you have not offered your assistance.  You:

  • solved my issues regarding the mirror in my master bath;

  • reached out to your sources and helped my find new quartzite when my builder provided little assistance;

  • found an expert and assisted in inspecting my home and provided feedback to the builder to make corrections;

  • sourced painters, handy men, house cleaners, landscapers, charities, paver sealers, movers, rug experts, mattress vendors;

  • went thru all my "stuff" to determine if it would work in my new home;

  • had someone pick up the stuff that did not fit and deliver to charity;

  • arranged all the decorations that remained;

  • even arranged my books!;

  • supervised the placement of all my wallhangings;

  • and of course, you supervised and expertly installed the furniture in my home and even had someone clean up afterwards.

I could go on with endless examples of how you have gone above and beyond.

You have also helped me thru personal meltdowns - and there have been many.  Whenever I reached out to your with issues I was having (mostly with the builder) you were always there to help.

I have worked with a few designers.  And I have seen the finished product of many. You are second to none.   Your expert design skills and focus on your clients has given me a home that exceeds my imagination.
You are an amazing designer and very special person.  And I thank you for everything!!!!!!


Robyn is the best decorator I've ever worked with.  She's extremely creative, and will work with you to achieve the look you want.  She can design any type of decor, from traditional to contemporary.  Working with Robyn is a joy.  She pays attention to every detail of your project.  Many decorators have a "style" that is repeated in all of their projects.  Robyn works closely with you, so that it's YOUR style that's reflected in the final product.  She is a gem in the design industry!



Robyn Branch made our home a showplace with her eye for beauty and the unique. She has resources from all over the world, and she can find the unusual and dramatic as well as more traditional pieces. All of her design ideas were tailored to blend with our taste and wishes. I must say, we accepted most of Robyn's suggestions because they were so perfect. Robyn's innate sense of style informs every one of her design ideas and the finished product is always beautiful and comfortable. 

In addition to having a brilliant eye for all of the elements of design, Robyn is a stickler for details. Every single item in our home was personally checked and approved or rejected by Robyn. She suggests local businesses for carpentry, draperies and upholstery, bathroom and kitchen design and her recommendations always came with Robyn's assurance that we would be pleased and we were. 

When our finished home was installed, Robyn made sure that everything was complete. I have worked with other interior designers and my experience with Robyn far exceeded every other experience and all of my expectations. Robyn is a joy to work with. 

Nancy & Mike

We started working with Robyn Branch from Inside Out Home and Garden in April of 2013.  We have found her to be both extremely knowledgeable and most professional in tackling our remodeling.  Her style and taste has transformed our home into a showpiece.

She has been most responsive to our multiple concerns via emails and has always been available to meet with us when we were in town (even on a short notice).  Robyn’s advice in color, style and décor has been terrific but her willingness to help in all aspects of our project has been invaluable.  We would highly recommend her for any of your decorating or remodeling projects.

Maureen & Richard

With much trepidation, my wife and I decided to build a house within the Christophe Harbour development on St. Kitts.  We were fortunate in that we chose a great architect and a great contractor, but were it not for Robyn it would not have come out perfect !  Pretty early on, in what turned out to be an 18 month construction period, it became clear that Robyn was the band leader and everybody better make Robyn happy.  They were all afraid of her!  Only one word of caution; Robyn has very good (expensive!) taste, so be prepared.  We spent about 50% more on the interior furniture, fixtures and finishes than we had intended,  but if we were to do it again we wouldn’t change a thing.